Friday, December 23, 2011


Ok so I have been pretty perfect when it comes to eating this week. I did go out and drink on Tuesday but I only drank vodka/Diet Coke and I didn't grub afterwards. This morning I got on the scale and I am 170 EVEN!!! (I weigh myself about 3 or 4 times and take the average weight so I ended up deciding that I am 170.2, but the FIRST weight was 170 even). Oh happy day!! I have the day off today for Christmas break so I work with my trainer at 10 this morning. Talk about a serious motivator!!

Also, I was proud of myself last night as well. My co-workers invited me to happy hour since it was the last work day before Christmas and I really wanted to go. However, I didn't work out on Wednesday because I was hungover from Tuesday and I promised myself that I would work out on Thursday. I was seriously torn about what I was going to do. I knew that there was no way I could only go for "just one" drink. And I knew that if I had more than one drink I would NEVER work out. So then one of my co-workers (who also was not going to happy hour) said "Well, no one regrets going to the gym." She was right. So, I got in my car and left the scene. We will probably go to happy hour next week, but I am glad I was able to say no so that I could go work out instead. :-) Being at this weight is giving me motivation not to pig out at Christmas this year!!

OHHHHHHHHH.... one more thing. Can I just say that not only are my clothes beginning to fit me better, etc etc, but they are actually fitting me differently???? Case in point: I have this pair of black pants I bought at Charlotte Russe a couple years ago. They are size 10R. When I bought them, I could fasten them and everything but (and I am sorry if this is TMI) I had a slight problem. In addition to saying "No" to Fluffy, we women need to say "No" to Toe. Yes, ladies, these pants were a problem. I was CONVINCED that the pants at Charlotte Russe just werent made for my body structure. I mean, I was a size 10 (sort of.... they were tight) but clearly, these pants were not wearable!! So anyway, flash forward to now, with all of the working out and dieting (I NEVER used to work out... my muscles are non existant) my body is not just slimming down. It's actually changing its structure if that makes any sense! I put on the Charlotte Russe pants and, lo and behold, no toe! They are still a little tiny bit snug, but I can fasten them with no straining, heaving or panting. I do not have muffin tops hanging out. The pockets do not bulge as I wear them. I am quite impressed and may even wear them to work one of these days! The moral of the story is: Lifting weights and working out isn't actually that bad!!!!

Now if I can just get up off my ass to do cardio. THAT is my biggest stumbling block at this point. I do NO cardio. I wonder if my trainer is going to get wise. :-/

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