Monday, December 5, 2011

I survived....

Had my first night with my trainer... and it wasn't so bad! Granted, the first 30-35 minutes we were doing paperwork, taking measurements, etc and then we spent only about 20-25 minutes doing weights, but it wasn't so bad! I have a bad feeling that I am going to be hating him in a couple days when I actually spend a whole hour with him working out, but tonight I am counting my blessings.

The interesting thing is that I had a HORRIBLE day at work. Like, the WORST day in MONTHS which culminated in tears in front of two co-workers/friends. If I didn't have an appointment with a trainer, I know what I would have done. Come home, poured a VERY stiff vodka-Diet Coke (the Diet Coke is really only for color), thrown on a mindless comedy, and proceeded to get sloshed. Then, I would have had a drunken argument with myself about the virtues of ordering 2 medium pizzas from Dominos. Not that I can eat two medium pizzas in one sitting, mind you, but 2 mediums are only 5.99 each! What a deal! And, let's be honest, to a depressed, drunken fluffy girl, 2 medium pizzas will surely cure all the woes of an otherwise horrid and misbegotten day! However, thanks to the appointment with the trainer, I did not do this. Instead, I had a grilled chicken breast while I sat in front of an episode of South Park. Then, after coming back from the gym, I had a dark chocolate protein shake (my trainer said this would help with the inevitable soreness).

One of my friends said the exercise would make me feel better about my crappy day. Well, she was wrong. I still had a crappy day and I truly believe "endorphins" are a myth reserved by stick insect creatures who claim that they get "high" off of working out. Weirdos! But, undoubtedly, I made a better decision by working out. Neither working out nor getting shnockered changed anything about my otherwise horrible, wretched day, so, at the end of the day, I am trying to be proud of the fact that I made the better decision. Maybe it will hit me tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, I will only have to deal with the memory of a shitty workday as opposed to the memory of a shitty work day in addition to my perpetuation of eternal fluffiness.

I don't work out with my trainer tomorrow, though, so hopefully I don't have a crappy day tomorrow. Otherwise, I may just say "yes" to that double date with Mr. Stolichnaya and Mr. Domino. :-/

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