Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good news and Bad news

I realize that it has been a while since I posted last. In that time, I have aged another year, lost some weight, gained some muscle, and gotten drunk on multiple occassions. So, with regard to my "weight removal" news, here goes:

Weight: 168. Yes, this is skinnier than I have been since HIGH SCHOOL. I am quite excited to be under 170. I have maintained this weight for a few weeks (more or less... I splurged on my birthday weekend, went back up to 172, and then dropped down to 169 within 2 days) and can say my official weight is "in the 160's). So... this is my good news.

Bad news: I was looking at the "Half My Size" January edition of People Magazine and they have pictures in there of various people who weighed a lot and then lost LITERALLY half of their own body weight and look amazing now. Well, there are several women in there who are my height (5'8"). Their weights varied between 125-160. I noticed that the women who were 5'8 and 149-ish were still more, well, "plump" than I would like to be when I lose all my weight. I mean, they are certainly a healthy weight for being 5'8, but I would like to be healthy AND look, well, HOT!! So I talked it over with my trainer tonight and he said that he thinks for my height I would look HOT! at around 135. That was pretty consistent with what I saw in the pictures.

So..... to make a long story short, instead of having to lose 18 more pounds, I now get to lose 33 more pounds. Yay. Can you tell how excited I am? No, seriously. It's been hard enough coming THIS far and I thought I was in the homestretch, had already rounded third base and was about to slide into homeplate but NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I am just barely rounding second!!! But... I shall persevere and try to stay positive.

If I make it to 135, I will have lost a total of 90 pounds!!!!!!!!! Holy fucking crap! That's the weight of an obese child!! That's almost the weight of Kate Moss! I think thats about what Kirstie Alley lost and she is exactly my height. So..... yeah..... stick with me, because I got another 30 to go!

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